I am so excited to share that we have launched a property management division under Southern Home Management Solutions!   The market is ever changing and the past few months have revealed that the inventory of homes for sale is low but the buyers are standing in line for the few that are available.  This is certainly a great time to list your home if you have been on the fence.  The down side is where to go once it sells.   I have had a good bit of luck lately with back to back closings representing a client as the seller on one property and the buyer on another.  Knock on wood because there is so much that can go wrong stacking closings like that.  Our last deal had four closings waiting on the first home to sell...now that was stressful.   You guys need to know there are options out there though.  If the perfect home isn't presenting itself, don't settle!  Keep looking.  New inventory hits the market every day.  But if the rubber meets the road and there is no hope of making it to back to back closings - just rent.  It's not a bad thing and it doesn't mean you are going backwards.

That is why we began our property management department.   Why not rent for a year or so and let the inventory catch up with the sales?   There is a lot of new construction going on around town these days.   Don't settle for the home you didn't want because you cant wait for your dream home to come out of the ground.  It takes 8-12 months for most builders to build out anyways.  I know that sounds crazy long but keep in mind, the builder isn't going to drop what they have going on already to break ground on your new home so you have to account for the delay up front.

Whether you are buying, selling, renting, or investing, Southern Home Team has got your back! Lets do this!